About Us

Mirachem, LLC, a Heritage-Crystal Clean company, is a manufacturer and marketer of environmentally and worker‐safe cleaning technologies, for use in industrial and commercial applications where product performance, material compatibility, worker safety and environmental responsibility, are all mission-critical. We provide industry-defining customer and technical support for companies in a wide variety of businesses, including aviation & aerospace, medical device manufacturing, compressed gas systems manufacturing and service, and semiconductor & electronics manufacturing, precision machining, and a variety of other general industry and advanced manufacturing applications.

Founded in 1978 as The Mirachem Corporation, the company was established not so much as a business venture, but as the practical extension of a belief that cleaning should not have to be dangerous, and cleaning products did not have to be “nasty” to be effective. Millions of individuals were enduring personal health issues from exposure to hazardous chemistries in the workplace. Natural systems were being overwhelmed by the side effects of industrial growth. And, it was becoming apparent that manufacturing and production processes conceived during the industrial revolution, were not going to serve the demands of the 21st century marketplace.

Dedicated to the ideal that there must be a better, safer way to clean, without compromising performance or productivity, Mirachem began to question the chemical industry on why such alternative chemistries were not being developed. Sadly, it was discovered that there was no driving force – neither from the chemical manufacturers themselves, industry users, the labor force, nor from government – to drive change in the marketplace and demand better options.

In an age where one lifetime had seen technological advances that took people from the horse and buggy to man’s first steps on the moon, industry was prepared to accept that the same chemistries used for decades were the best that could be expected in cleaning technology. Mirachem set out to prove that better, safer alternatives for industrial cleaning could be developed. Almost four decades later, Mirachem is proof that the guiding principle of “Nothing bad in, nothing bad out.” is not only viable, but one that makes good business sense.

With the acquisition of the company in 2012 by Heritage-Crystal Clean, one of the nation’s leading environmental services companies, Mirachem’s reach expanded to better service the automotive, repair and maintenance, and fleet service industries, in addition to its traditional manufacturing and process cleaning focus. Through Crystal Clean’s national network of local branches and sales and service professionals, Mirachem’s advanced aqueous technologies and industry-defining technical support are now available to virtually all US industrial and commercial operations.

Today, Mirachem provides several products based on its’ original formulations, as well as a full line of specialty products developed with new and emerging technologies. We’re also holding true to our original purpose of providing better, safer technologies, and unrivaled customer and technical support. By taking advantage of the latest developments in chemical science, Mirachem strives to continuously provide not only improvements to our core products, but also to deliver new technologies that meet the requirements of our customers, the demands of environmental responsibility, our obligation to workplace safety, and the needs of the future.

Times do change, and we are all becoming more aware of the risks and challenges we face in today’s world. Industry expects better performance and increased efficiency from the products they buy, workers are demanding healthier and safer workplaces, government is mandating responsibility and accountability, and everyone is giving a little more thought to the planet we share. Mirachem’s dedication remains, however, to continue challenging the notion that you can’t have performance and safety in industrial cleaning